Prof CC Tchoyoson Lim

Organising Chairman

    Professor Tchoyoson Lim (MBBS, FRCR, MMed Diagnostic Radiology) is a Senior Consultant diagnostic clinical neuroradiologist and Professor at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1988, was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists, UK and Master of Medicine (Diagnostic Radiology) NUS in 1995, and was Visiting Fellow at the University of California at San Francisco.


    He has co-authored 100 manuscripts and 6 book chapters on clinical neuroimaging research using CT and MR imaging techniques. He has held various research grants and patents and sits on journal editorial boards and reviews for research grants and medical ethics IRB.


    Professor Lim holds/has held portfolios including Academic Vice-Chairs of Education and Research in Duke-NUS Singhealth Radiology ACP, Secretary of the Singapore Radiological Society, President of the College of Radiologists Singapore, Chief Examiner, Diagnostic Radiology, Deputy Chief Examiner of Royal College of Radiologists/Master of Medicine (Diagnostic Radiology), various External Examiners and Visiting Professors. 


    Professor Lim is Core Faculty, Member of Residency Advisory Committee, Course Director Advanced Neuroradiology Course, Faculty FRCR Preparatory Course, has co-mentored 2 PhD students and won several teaching awards.


    Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships:


    • Senior Consultant, Department of Neuroradiology, National Neuroscience Institute
    • Visiting Professor, Diagnostic Radiology, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, 2014 – Present
    • Member, SingHealth Cluster Teleradiology Committee, 2009 – 2011
    • Chairman, NNI 10th Anniversary Committee, 2009
    • Visiting Professor, Diagnostic Radiology, Huashan Hospital Fudan University Shanghai, 2008 – Present
    • Co-chairman, NNI Research Committee, 2007 – 2008
    • Member, Specialist Review Panel, National Medical Research Council (NMRC), 2007
    • Member, NNI Teleradiology Workgroup. 2006 – Present
    • Research Coordinator, College of Radiologists Singapore, 2006
    • Member, Specialist Panel, Workmen’s Compensation Medical Board, MOH, 2006
    • Member, Chapter Diag Radiol, College of Radiologists Singapore, 2004 – Present
    • Member, NHG Domain Specific Review Board, 2004 – Present
    • Member, MOH National Committee of Neuroscience, 2004 – 2006
    • Secretary, Singapore Radiological Society, 2004 – 2005
    • Member, NNI Research Faculty, 2003
    • Member, MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines (Stroke) Committee, 2003 – Present
    • Chairman, NNI Corporate Video Committee, 2000
    • Member, NNI Web Committee, 2000
    • Co-ordinator, NNI PACS Program, 1999 – Present
    • Editorial Board, NNI NeusLink Newsletter, 1999 – 2003



    • Faculty Appreciation Award – Residency in SingHealth Excels (RISE) Awards, 2015
    • Long Service Award – National Day Awards 2015, 2015
    • Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine NUS Dean’s Award for Teaching, 2014
    • NHG Outstanding Education Partners Award, 2014
    • DRSB Long Service Award, 2014
    • Best Poster (as co-author) – 7th Asian Oceanian Congress of Neuroradiology (AOCNR)-Bali, 2009
    • President’s Award Most Outstanding Proferred Paper (as co-author) – SMRT 17th Annual Meeting-Canada, 2008
    • Young Investigator Award (as co-author) – 13th Scientific Meeting International Soc of Mag Reson in Medicine-Miami Beach, 2005
    • Best Scientific Paper – Bronze Award (as co-author) – 12th Congress of ASEAN Association of Radiology-Penang, 2004
    • Best Poster (as co-author) – 13th Annual Scientific Meeting, Singapore Radiological Society, 2004
    • Best Scientific Paper – 11th Congress of ASEAN Association of Radiology-Bali, 2002
    • Best Poster – 1st NHG Scientific Congress, 2002
    • Best Scientific Paper – 10th Congress of ASEAN Association of Radiology-Bangkok, 2000
    • HMDP Fellowship for Medical Staff – MOH, 1998
    • HMDP Fellowship for Master of Medicine – MOH, 1995
    • President’s Scholarship – Singapore Government, 1983
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